Friday, January 11, 2013

Adorable with a Capital "A"

Baby A is such a beautiful baby. She seriously was such a natural at taking pictures. I cannot believe the shots we got. IMG_5530



IMG_5647 Its great to be back!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Did I mention I had another GORGEOUS sister-in-law

Let me give you a little background about this one. She was the one that asked me to go to a church dance with her when I was about 15. She picked me up and our other friend sat in the front. So I sat in the back and noticed that there was a guy back there. Little did I know at the time but this was the first time I meet my husband. So this sister-in-law gets all the props for introducing me to my husband at 15. Poor man, we didn't actually start dating till we were 21. But the introduction in the car was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. This sister-in-law is amazing. The mother of the only girl on both sides of our families. She has four incredible kids and teaches me something every time I see her about how I can do better for my kids. I am so grateful to have her in my life. We LOOVE her family.

This is her crew!!



The kids are so well behaved and so sweet!!

This guy is the same age as Greyson. They are a couple days apart and they have the same CrAzY personality... Super fun!! Well they are 2


These are some great people. We feel blessed to have them in our lives!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


No she is not my sister. But if she was she would fit right into our family. I tell you what there is something about meeting someone that UNDERSTANDS what you go through everyday. Has a listening ear and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to advice I need. Always there no matter what. This is my dear friend ... I will leave out names in case of, the occasional crazy stalkers. She too has three boys and I think that is where the instant bond happened. We understand what it is to be on the front lines with so much testosterone flowing through the house. Check out some of the shots we got of her family. By the way I LOVE the way she dressed in such a way to show she is the QUEEN of the CASTLE!!!